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Hello! I offer more than just advice - I bring partnership, and practical solutions, and share my knowledge. Drawing from diverse experiences and professional training, as well as passion, I am like a Nanny for your business.

Imagine that I am the Nanny for your business, committed to nurturing your idea from its inception to success. I provide not only expertise but also the care and support your company needs, and you to grow alongside it.

My Success Story began with... Lack of money.

Before I founded the Company in 2019, my own success story began earlier. Starting from homelessness and being a single mother... when the idea was born in 2014, financial struggles that seemed endless, motherhood in 2011, and life in a foreign country alongside, let's say, with not the best choice partner, since 2010. Today I am where I wanted to be when I was planning and dreaming of success, when I was waiting for better days in the Women's Refuge, 2014 - 2016! Now, I teach how to cope with life's challenges so that you can manage FASTER than I did. Today, I stand not only as a Woman, Mother, and Fiancée achieving success but also as a compassionate and understanding guide, helping others achieve their dreams.

I am Here to Guide You on the Path to Success!

I know that empty talk doesn't accomplish anything, that's why I offer collaborative planning, advertising, graphic design projects for your logo, and many other practical and life solutions. Ready to turn dreams into reality? Let's embark on this journey together. I am your trusted guide on the path to success!


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